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Tonight I decided rather than talking about the meal I’m preparing, I’d share some fantastic news coming upon us [well at least those of us in the vicinity] in less than a week… Yes it’s that time of year again… NYC Restaurant Week!! Restaurant week starts up January 16th and runs through February 10th [Monday’s through Friday’s]… there are a great selection of restaurants participating again and I highly recommend making a reservation to try some out!!
Restaurant week includes both lunch and dinner menus [some do one or the other, and some do both] at some of NYC’s finest establishments… Lunch costs $24.07, while dinner is $35.00 [these prices do not include beverages, taxes or tips]. Ever want to try dinner at Le Cirque, but feared about breaking your budget? Well now there is no need to fret! Want to experience delicious grub prepared by a food network star?? Try ‘butter’ in NoHo… The list is endless so there is definitely something for everyone to choose from! Already have my reservations made, hope you will make yours too!!
If anyone does make it out, I would love to hear about where you went, what you ordered and what you thought about everything!! I would love to be able to share it on my blog. Enjoy…

List of participating restaurants can be found at

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