Something tasty, this way comes…

Just prepped all my elements for dinner so cooking later will be more pleasing, rather than feeling like a race… Found a tasty sounding recipe that I thought would be both healthy and delicious… It includes my favorite green… broccoli rabe… I could eat b-rabe all the time and I make it in a variety of different ways. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to ordering b-rabe in a restaurant since I always seem to tell the waiter that it’s not done as well as I do it in my own kitchen… hahaha!

This recipe is a stir-fry and includes b-rabe, shiitake mushrooms, scallions and ginger as the bases. I am putting my own twist on the recipe and going to plate it on top of farro… Farro is a nutty-tasting grain that is cooked in a similar fashion to rice, however has a slight bite to it and I absolutely love its texture. I use farro a lot in my cooking methods, and find it has a number of different uses…

Stay tuned for photos later…

at a low simmer…

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