sunday night supper…

So the Osso Buco was absolutely incredible! The flavors were spot-on and the meat was literally falling off the bone… The recipe itself is nothing too difficult and you just need to be patient during the process. Like I mentioned in my earlier post yesterday, this is not a meal that you decide on making late in the afternoon. The total time between prep work and actual cooking is about 3-3 1/2 hours, but the reward is immeasurable! One thing I would like to mention is that veal shanks are a pretty costly piece of meat so if you are making this for a family meal, I would suggest trying to purchase when there is a sale at your local butcher or marketplace. Depending on the size, I would say one decent size veal shank is sufficient for one person.

Prep work for this meal consisted of  salting and tying up the veal shanks and then browning them on each side… from there adding the vegetables that were pureed into the same pot until they are browned [not burning, but just getting a darker color], then adding in some tomato paste and cooking until everything comes together… add in about 1/2 of a good bottle of wine [not something you want to neglect for this meal] and reduce a bit. You add the veal shanks back in to the pot and fill with water until the meat is close to covered, but not submerged… add in bay leaves and a thyme bundle, cover and pop into the oven for 2 1/2 hours [checking hourly for liquid] and remove in the last 30 minutes to reduce the sauce down even more… I salt as I go during the cooking process tasting to make sure everything is seasoned appropriately…

For the couscous, it is simply like cooking pasta… boil water, add salt then the couscous… this time I added in saffron to the water [felt like changing it up from making the typical risotto that would accompany Osso Buco. After cooking the couscous, I added some grated cheese and a bit of butter…

I hope this meal, has inspired you all to try making this at home yourselves!

at a low simmer…


veal shanks ready to be tied and salted...

all tied up!

the veggies all diced up!

the buco getting browned...

veggies on the way to getting browned...

tomato paste added to the veggies!

reducing out the wine!

the buco back into the pot before taking their 2 1/2 hour bath...

plated on top of some israeli couscous!



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