Japanese anyone?

Tonight rather than cooking a meal I decided to travel out and enjoy one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood. Nori located in Wayne, NJ never disappoints. The Sushi and dinner entrees are delicious and beautifully presented!  For our appetizers we ordered the gyoza and the Thai calamari, the gyoza is filled with seasoned pork and wrapped in a delicate little package that burst with flavor at every bit! The calamari is grilled offering a smokey flavor that is complimented with a sweet/spicy sauce. For dinner, rather than the usual sushi, we opted to order the honey mustard chicken which is one of my favorites! A mix of both sweet and spicy, the chicken is tender and the breading is crispy. Served on a bed of mixed greens, it’s very filling. Some of our other favorites include the hibachi chicken which comes with the best hibachi rice I have ever had [and I have had plenty!]. The sushi offering is amazing, not only is there something to satisfy everyone, but the variety is endless. Some of my favorite sushi rolls offered include: snoopy, firecracker, donkey kong and tempura sweet potato… Nori is BYOB so bring along a great wine or Saki.

Hope you have a chance to try Nori in the near future and enjoy it as much as I do!

at a low simmer…




honey mustard chicken

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