baby it’s cold outside…

Today was one of those cold days [which recently we haven’t been experiencing] that makes you want to grab a blanket , turn on the television and sit on the sofa with the one you love… So for this type of day, I thought a perfect dish would be what else… a nice, warm and filling butternut squash soup garnished with a bit of creme fraiche. I prefer to roast my squash in the oven after tossing it with just some olive oil, salt and crushed red pepper. It’s not overly complicated to make, but the flavors are pretty incredible and that crushed red pepper just gives a wonderful little ‘hello there I’m here to spice everything up’ affect… While the squash is roasting away, I toss a chopped onion into a dutch oven with some olive oil and cook until softened.  After about 35-40 minutes of the squash roasting, I toss them into the dutch oven with the onions stir them up and add some chicken stock and water… once reaching a boil, I reduce to a simmer and cook for about 15-20 more minutes. I use my immersion blender to puree this whole story and into a bowl it goes topped with the creme fraiche… The texture is smooth and velvety, while the flavors are slightly sweet from the squash and a bit tangy from the creme fraiche.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

at a low simmer…



sweating the onions!

star of the show... roasted butternut squash

incorporating the ingredients...

stirring the pot... literally!!

after being pureed...

the warm and hearty bowl!

3 thoughts on “baby it’s cold outside…

  1. Emily Evans says:

    Butternut soup is one of my favorites,love the velvety smooth texture and nutty flavor ! Yum

  2. ginny wandell says:

    i’ve always used cayenne hot sauce but, the addition of onions for color and depth…there. you did it! … you’ve inspired me. 😉 thinking of toasted pane and tomato bruschetta along side. mmmmmmmmmm

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